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I paid off an acct, balance is $0 but still listed as in collections and delinquent. What do I do?
I paid off an account that was listed as delinquent and in collections. Now it shows up as $0 balance but still in collections and delinquent. How do I fix that?

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$0 balance ; need to come off report

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Hello...get in touch with the agency you paid off the loan and ask them to submit current data to all3 credit bureaus. I found sometimes it takes a couple of months for them to update their records or you can submit proof of payment to all 3 credit bureaus and file a dispute to get it off.

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I have a letter stating I paid my collections account in full in May 2014, but it is still showing up on my credit report as key derogatory as of August. Do I have to mail this letter to the bureaus? Or is there a fax number available?

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You have to wait it out.  They have the right to report the account for 7 years from date you paid it off.  (That's why we recommend doing a "pay per delete" with collectors, they agree in writing to remove the account once paid).  You can write them and beg them to remove it, but they don't have to.  However, the older it gets the less damage it does, and a paid collection is less damaging than an unpaid one.  Small consolation, I know.

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Just have them send you a letter signed by the manager stating that it is paid in full then submit the letter to the 3 agencies your self it's always the best and fastes way. 

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I was under the impression that the collection agency reports laud in full and can delete the account ? Are you sure that after receiving the laud in full letter I can have it deleted by contacting the three bureaus ?

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You will have to contact the agency and request that they remove this mark from your credit report. Really, this agreement should have been made prior to paying off the debt because now it can stay on your report for up to 7 years. 

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paying collection companies

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When you pay any Collections it actually hurts your score just as bad as it did when you didnt pay it. Call Greg and explain to him he will ask you some questions as to what you did and tell you how to fix it the proper way.   There are many ways to improve your credit score but it all depends on what exactly is on your credit report to begin with. Credit Repair Advisors gives you a free consultation on your own personal situation. I recommend giving them a call, Greg was the person I spoke with and I told him my situation & he told me a number of ways to help improve my score. There website is & there # is 877-91-help-1 (877-914-3571) 

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