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I have made past mistakes and I'm trying to get back on track, please help.
First of all I am currently 21 and I have made past mistakes that I really regret. When I was 19 I had a couple of credit cards and things got out of control I started spending on stupid stuff, then I lost my job and couldn't pay any more. So I have multiple charge-offs on my credit reports.

This is what I owe (charge-off)
1- Chase Ink $1200
2- Capital One $312
3- First Premier $400
4- First Premier $600
5- Fingerhut $250
6- East West Bank $1000
7- Applied Bank $500
---1 Collection from Verizon Wireless for $2300----
No public records

As of 2/2015 I just got these accounts in good standing
1- Merrick Bank Secured $300 ( not yet posted)
2- Primor Secured $250 (posted this month)
3- Open Sky Secured $300 ( Not yet posted)
4- Authorized user on $1000 Discover card
5- 7 student loans totaling $9000 Consolidated now before I finished college. Now its showing on all the 7 paid and closed and 1 loan showing for the total amount ( I figured I can pay $250 a month for sure why not build my credit since I got 2-3 years left in college).
All the good standing accounts were opened or established beginning February 2015.

How long is it going to take me to rebuild my credit? I don't want small credit limits I want credit cards with limits around $5000. I want to open a business in the future and need access to high credit limits.

I have a credit card reader on my phone ( PayPal here) should I completely max out my credit card a couple times a month and pay it in full around 3-4 times monthly? Like I said I don't want to wait years and only get credit cards with $500-1000 limits I want high limits.

Any advice from people with high credit limits would help or anyone who's been in my shoes before.


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