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I have 18 negative things on my credit of these 16 are medical bills how can I dispute these?
I most likely owe most of the debt. I had many years of no insurance and immature decision making being on the street since 16 and various nonsense. The facts are although I am fighting to repair my credit and making the best decisions I can by not making purchases over the amount of debt I might be able to pay within a 30 day cycle it can only prevent further negative reports. I can't contact them and just make an offer for even a sum payment of say 100 bucks or more bc I am a poor wife and mom of 3 struggling to buy books and pay bills as I make it through grad school. We barely can afford to scrape up tuition for our childrens schooling and to put them in public school as much stress that would be lifted off of us is not an option. We live in one of the craziest cities I've ever been too, moving here a year ago after my husband lost his job and found work here. My girls went to public school for all of 4 months and the bullying was tremendous and the environment was awful. 9 yr olds were making my daughter ride the bus on the floor kicking her chair as she took test. Cursing better than many sailors I am sure and constantly mocking her because of her proper vocabulary. On top of this her doctor tells me it was time to have the birds and the bees talk bc it is not uncommon for 10 yr olds and 11 yr olds to be pregnant here in Memphis. I live in a pretty nice area and the school was considered an award winning school but I don't care what they call it, its an Assylum. Sorry for the rant anyways the bottom line is, it might be a couple years before I can really just start dishing out 3000 just for one picture that they took of me on a machine they had for like 10 yrs. Oh and on top of this I probably have like 15 of these types of charges and not just 1 bc I was sick for a while with Chronic Hypertension and Migraines and was either in the hospital or ER alot. Also I have noticed a pattern of medical bills from like 09 or around that time and sometimes they seem to be the same debt with this company over here and that company over there. They even are listed sometimes by the same company several times almost like they are a different debt but everything about reading them makes you wonder if it is the same. When you have had a rough life such as my husband and I and have lived with bad credit so long you didnt even apply for anything or even become to concern with what went on your credit as long as you can keep your rental history clear so you wont be homeless. You kind of don't remember each debt they all blurr into yea those things that make my life totally suck. Anyways I hope someone with experience might give me some advice. I am willing to put in time and effort to clear these things up by various ways. I just hope the ways are for the most part free or cheap Lord knows I cant afford 99 dollars a month for lexington law. I can make 10 dollar a month payments to some . Whatever the advice I'm just tired of throwing away over 900 bucks a month to apartments when we could use it towards our family a home of our own. God Bless.

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First thing to do is get all 3 credit reports.  Go to and order them.  They're free, too.  Look the reports over very carefully and note any wrong entries (things you know or strongly suspect are not yours).  File a dispute over each of these wrong entries with the credit bureau reporting them.  They then have to investigate and either verify or delete the disputed item.

The entries on the credit reports show to whom the money is owed, and where they can be reached.  Note at the bottom of each account it may say "charged off" "sold/transferred" and the date, or due to drop of and the date.

You didn't say how old you are or if you had been declared an "emancipated minor" when you were 16.  If you did not have that legal designation, any debts you entered into before age 18 could be declared invalid due to the fact that you were, legally, a minor and ineligible to enter into contracts.

I'd suggest looking for a less expensive rental and see if the children's school can help provide some assistance on the tuition so that you can afford to make payments on medical bills to clear them out.  Also, the payment on a house does not include such not-so-trivial additioinal costs as homeowner's insurance, property taxes and fixing whatever might break (and they certainly will) so owning a house is not as checp as it may seem.  You need to investigate that, too.  I've owned and rented, and renting's not so bad.

Whatever you may end up owing on those bills has to be paid off and your credit score improved before you can even think of trying to get a home loan, and that is going to likely take up to 7 years.  It's a hard fact of life, but it's a fact.

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Directly contact medical billing company

I was billed for massive medical care after a car accident due to a major epileptic seizure while driving. It also took my license away. I called many of these hospitals and rehab centers and they were able to write off or reduce the amount of several of the bills. The accident happened in 2010, and one huge bill was only just now reported to me. I am now trying to work with that company to argue my case that it was never billed to me and should not have such a negative impact on my credit score. Time will tell

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