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i can't register for credit karma, why?
the site says that it can't verify my personal identity. Even when i put my 9 digit social security number like it asked.

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I was already feeling a little sketched out putting my SSN # in but to keep doing it over and over again without progressing is just ridiculous. I refuse to put such an important part of my personal information in repeatedly just to end up not being able to fully sign up. No wonder its a "free" site, its worthless.

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it wont let me get in either

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I am having the same problem! The second step of registration is hung up on my SSN. When I click for the next step, the page just reloads and erases my SSN. I e-mailed them, but still haven't received any help. Looks like many people are having this issue.......

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you mean like e-mailing credit karma? i already did so.. still no response.

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Cannot verify email!

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Every time I logon it shows that I need to check my email, click link to verify address. The email never comes through!! I even tested my email and I am receiving, just not this one!!

Any help out there?


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They need a lot more than just a social security number to register you.  Finance is such a sensitive business, and they wouldn't want to accidentally let someone else register as you and see all this information about you, even if somehow they got access to that number.  They probably asked you a bunch of other questions, like stuff about your mortgage.  Maybe you answered one of them wrong?  (Keep in mind, sometimes it will ask you trick questions like "which company has your mortgage" when you don't have a mortgage, which can be confusing.  "None of the above" should have been an option, though.)  Or you left something blank?

The bottom line, though, is that security here is better-safe-than-sorry.  They'd cause MUCH bigger problems by accidentally letting someone else register as you (too little security), than failing to let you register as yourself (too much security).

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It doesn't get pass my name, address, birthday and SSN. No question asked other for me to re-entry info. And I'm 55 with plenty of credit history.

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I knew it

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I knew that this was too good to be true. I did get another option and i got my things that I owe so that I can pay off what I owe out

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credit report

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I'm trying to register my husband and it keep bring up my information.

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I'm having the same problem unable to verify SSN

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I can't register

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I trying register but step 2 I put my ssn many time but the system said not math. How I can fix it, please let me know 

thank you

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