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how do i get old delinquent payments off my credit report?
accounts that were closed within the last ten years and still show the number of deliquent payments - I need them off my report - it seems that these are the only negative things on my report.

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Please be aware that late payments only count against your credit score when they are within the last 24 months of the date you check your report.  If the the late payments are older than 2 years, they look ugly, but they aren't doing a thing against your credit score, so don't sweat it too much.

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You are entitled to get a free copy of all three (Experian, Transunion and equifax) credit reports once annually.

Go to, here you should be able to request a credit report from all three credit agencies. Since they aren't the same some may report a debt other may not. Once you find out which bureaus are listing the debt, contact them. The credit report they send you will include contact information and dispute instructions.

If the debt is not disputable you can always do what I do and plead with the creditor in question:

I did this with Sallie Mae. I had co-signed (BAD IDEA) for a student loan for a FRIEND (broader sense of the word). When he skipped town without paying, I was notified 7 months into the deliquency (In their defense, I thought they were sending me junk mail) and though I took action right away and paid off the outstanding debt as well as resumed the payments on my "FRIENDS"  behalf I was still stuck with 5 delinquent payment. This was the ultimate decent from the mid 700's to the high 5 low 6 hundreds. 

After pleading with S.M. they did remove 2 of the deliquent payments wich at least raised me to 677. Finally when they dropped off (5 years) my credit was restorted to its former glory.

So to my knowledge these are the only three ways: Dispute, Beg and plead and finally wait until they "fall off"

Looking back, I paid off $7,000 of a $12,000 student loan and though I got schooled, I learned only one lesson: DO NOT CO-SIGN!

PS. If this does not help you rectifying your credit I hope it at least prevents you from making the same mistake.

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Credit Card Fraud Delinquent Payment

There is one delinquent payment from Feb 2014 from First County Bank and I am in possession of a letter detailing from the bank that my credit card was compromised and not to pay the amount. They took care of canceling and reissuing a new card. I have since moved to PA. How can this be rectified so not to have ANY mention of this on my report? It was NOT a late payment issue it was a credit card fraud situation. 

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