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How can I talk to a customer service rep.?
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you need real people to talk to

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Had I known that your site did not have a phone number in order to talk to a real live person, I never would have used your service. You all should really think about upgrading you customer support service system. At the very least a 24 Hour "Live Chat" session would be helpful for instant responses about account questions and ect........This is just very bad business.

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There is no phone number you have to use email to

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this service is 100 percent free to you, it goes above and beyond while asking nothing in return...not to mention extremely user friendly

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I should check on that first before I sign up account. A website has no contact number, I would never give them my personal information. I shod be aware that earlier

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What is a reasonable level of customer service for free?  I subscribed to services from MyFICO for over 10 years and over that time I had a few problems that I called customer service on, and I endured long waits, rude CSRs, and they could never ever answer any question about the scores or other anomalies. 

I feel that I get better responses Credit Karma, and it's free!  If I need to go through e-mail and wait, that's an ok deal by me.

Hmmm... Maybe CK should offer a pay-per-incident customer service line like some internet services do.

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I am also very frustrated by having no way to communicate with CK. Some folks say, "But it's free!" Yes, it's free to us, but this is not a non.profit company. They rake in many millions from from the hard-directing, interactive CC company ads. And, they do have a pretty good that engenders some level of trust over time. It is still very bad business practice to have no live customer service, and I agree that a live chat session design would be cost effective for them. I know a high percentage of questions are stupid, just like any other cust. service arena. Yes, I must refer my questions about score drops directly to TU. But I have a question about what may be a software problem...the credit score simulator, and I have opened three "tickets" over two weeks and 0 response. 

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Same here. Very frustrating

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why is there no phone number anywhere on website or internet for customer service? can someone provide a contact phone number for any live human that represents credit karma? they do not answer emails or questions. thank you

Credit Karma Team
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Credit Karma responds to all emails. Be sure to email <>, and you will get a reply. 

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My experience concurs exactly. They do not answer the email tickets opened to "support."

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This Is wrong

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I have tried to put in my information from my SSN, It keeps saying Wrong information. I KNOW MY SSN NUMBER!!! This is False information that you all are saying on television. I WILL BE TAKING ACTION as I had put in my SSNnumber. Now you have it and I cannot see my credit score. I WILL be contacting authorites and Lawyer. As now you have my information and you are NOT SUPPLYING  me with my report!!! You will be hearing from me!!!!!!!!

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they take forever to respond by email

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I sent a envelope with my info 4 weeks ago and they still have not received it. i dont like this one bit and when i log onto my account i still see the message that i can see my score . Why dont they have a phone number???

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Credit karma privacy steps

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not being aloud to move past step number 3. and i dont feel right sending personal documents by mail just to verify my account. it makes no sense and its a little fishy. 

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Why do you not respond?

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I paid off every single one of my accounts over six weeks ago.  You still are reporting over $3,000.00 in debt.  You are providing false information.  Why are you a) not correcting this after I notified you, and b). not responding.  I find with more and more people that you do not respond to their concerns.  Do you subscribe to the BBB?

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I have paid off Tower loan April, it still showing a balance of $105 and 1st Financial is less than what it is showing, what can be done?

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Why haven't my credit report updated yet

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My credit score from all three bureaus have updated but creidt krama haven't. You say you get the information from Transunion, but it's already updated and my score on this website is the same. 

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Credit Karma is the worst site ever!!!! When I log on to check my score they take 3 points away!!!!!! I dont think they should be aloud to get your personal info they are not up to date and there is no way to talk to an actual person!!! This site is bs!!!

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  i have been haveing problems i get into my account  and put all my information in and when i put my ssn it tells me it need nine numbers and i keep trying but its just keeps saying the same thing help me thank you

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would like to get my husband credit scores

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