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Homeless w/bad credit
I have been homeless for 2 years w/ no end in sight due io my credit. When I was 18\19 years old (now 35) I was a victim of identity theft. However I was never able tio clear that up. 20 years ago, there want much said our done about it and I didn't realize that there was anything that could bd done. So now I am to the point where I think I may be able to rent an apartment, but basically get laughed out of the leasng offce. I came onto credit karma to see my score at 529. I wanted to die. I don't know or even recognize any of the debt/creditors listed. At what point do you say forget it and file bk. As I said, I am homeless ac/dc can't afford to pay them.

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It is difficult, not hopeless.

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Getting copies of your credit reports from all 3 credit bureaus would be the best first thing to do.  Do you get mail at any address (parents, sibling)?  The credit bureaus have gotten to be real sticklers for ID so they can give credit reports out.  That could make it a bit more difficult getting them.  Credit Karma gets their information from TransUnion so you might be able to dispute the items you know are not yours at their online site.  The ideal would also be to get copies of Experian and Equifax credit reports and do the same thing.

Bankruptcy is an option to be thought over carefully, even by someone with a lot to lose because it hurts the credit score for 10 years.  Since you are in the unfortunate situation of being homeless right now, bankruptcy would not be worth the expense or hassle.  

Consider also contacting legal aid since they may be able to help you get copies of all 3 credit reports and may also be able to help with the housing situation.  At least they may have additional resources I don't know since those vary by state.

Just don't give up, okay?  That would be the worst thing to do. 

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I second jwsister. Get help and dispute, dispute, dispute. The creditors need to prove the debt.

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Identity theft from 17 yrs ago is not your concern. the concern si what is on your credit report over the last 7 -10-13 yrs.  Go to and pull your 3 credit reports for free. Then read them. See what acocutns are open and if they are not yours 1st call the banks to close them, then write to EACH of the three bureaus disputing the wrong items.

As for getting into an apartment: do you have a family member or a friend with good credit score who can help you out by cosigning the lease? If not, then talk to social services and see if they have a list of places that rent to people with subpar credit score.

Finally, do you have a checking and a savings account? If they have been clsoed , open them; I presume you now have some money to put in there sicne you think you can afford an apartment. Looc for a local credit union because they will be cheaper and a bit more humane than a bank. They also may be able to give you a secured credit cardonce you have saved up some mroe money -- something liek 300 dollars that you keep with th ebank and they hgive you a 300 dollar limt on a secured card. They hold the 300 bucks so if yu default on the payment thye can cover what you spent. But use only 30% or less on that card and pay it off every month.

ABsolutely do not file for bankruptcy wihtout first talking to legal aid... and only after you have disputed everything you can on your credit report and waited to see what happens. And this sucks given how you need a home right now, but I hope the social services know of places that can help you out.

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