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Has anyone heard of Fortiva Credit Company?
I just received an offer for a Fortiva Credit Card in the mail yesterday. It has an APR rate of 29.99%, an introductory annual fee of $175.00 for the first year and $49 per year after, and an account maintenance fee of $150.00 annually( billed at $12.50 per month). Has anyone ever received one of these cards? If so, do you think it would be a good card to have? I'm trying to build up my credit back without the hassle of enormous fees. Please help.

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Do not accept this card. They never reported to the credit bureaus and therefore I had to close my acct. High APR and fees are ridiculous. Totally regret accepting this card. They never send notifications of purchases or payments as statet on their website. Customer service is the worst,  they are nasty and dont care about the customer. I asked to speak to a manager and was told I would get a call but never did. BEWARE!!

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well i guess it depends i never had any of those issues yes the apr for me is 29% and i have the other fees but 100 and 49. I have a 2500 credit limit and i keep my balances under 20%. You have to also consider what your credit was before the card. For me it did me good i use responsibly and mines is being reported to all three CB as in excellent standing. I guess its pick your poison. lol

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there's no "CANCEL" key now!

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Just wanted to say after having seen a few people write that "you just click 'cancel'" on the offer and you'll be offered an original offer", noooo.... Fortiva must have been reading these threads and removed that option. There is no "Cancel" key. In fact their application is ridiculous, now. The only option is SUBMIT. Once you enter it, you cannot exit it. You CANNOT EXIT IT. You cannot change your mind. So just don't bother. They get your SSN, DOB, income, etc., and you WILL get a very high interest rate and they don't even tell you the full story about the fees. STAY AWAY!

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Of course you can exit the application, just close the browser window or type in a new URL in the current window.

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dont fall for it

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dont do it !!!!! get rid of it ,its not good at all i should know .every one is pre -approved an when they do send you the card the rates are out of controll . search for better companys ,its ur best bet to cut it up an search for better companys just my opion

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fortiva is a pain

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they have horrible customer service and their websites for login and account info is poor.  it took me three weeks to get my online accout setup by which time they levied a late fee to my account. i would adives to steer clear of these people. 

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Predators is what I thought of this offer. $150 annually to "maintain" your card, PLUS $175 for your annual fee, billed immediately??  This company is preying on people who need the most help, not these ridicolous fees and 35% APR!! The card will be maxed out within a month and you'll be paying for years.  Don't do it!!  I rebuild my credit with a Capital One secured card. 

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I guess it’s different for everyone because I received a pre-approval in the mail yesterday and even though I have never heard of them before I decided to go for it.  The annual fee is 49 dollars and there’s no monthly fees the first year for the offer. After the first year the maintenance fee is 60 dollars a year but no annual fees.  He APR is around the same as most other cards I have and I was approved for a $2000 limit.  If you can get the same offer go for it if not then it’s not really worth it. 

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Fortiva Credit Card Offer

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This cpmpany is not customer friendly and sounds like a good money scam. I wanna build my credit...not have one destroy it Thank you but No Thanks

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They have been ripping me off from the time i got it I wish I hadn't read all of this before

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Try the olio Master Card

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I took the first offer I got, about threemonths ago which was from Credit One, and they are terrible.  $300 line of credit cost me $75.  

Now keeping it, but not using it, so my spending/credit ratio is improved. Fortiva is much like Credit One, and you wud be much better off with the secured Capital One, like others have suggested. 

Also many credit unions and local banks offer secured credit cards, so check that out.

Two months ago, I got an offer from Ollo, and what a world of difference!!   The have been great.  Much better service, more meaningful perks, and a worthwhile credit limit.

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Don't accept the offer

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Don't do it. I just recived an offer. This card will cost you more in the end than its worth. You will never get out of debt with the use of this card. 36 percent apr 150 for one fee 175 for another. If you want to build your credit there are better cards. 

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