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disputing accurate negatives is illegal?? what can I do?
Okay so I have a lot of questions now! I have had bad credit for 5 or 6 years now and I have beem suffering through the consequences of that. Over that time I have learned a lot about how credit works how to improve credit and disputing derogatories. After all these years of disputing and the 6 months ive used lexington law, I am committing a crime? I was not aware of that because bankers, mortgage brokers and realtors have told me to use lexington law. All my wife and I want to do is purchase a home for our two children and attempting to even get help is a nightmare. I have 4 instances where I paid off collections but they still report to my credit report and affect my score. Thats why I learned about disputing. I have a median score of 545 and my wife of 510. We have tried everything. I even have secured credit cards which have helped emmencely but are not thrusting my score to a mortgage level. I keep my utilization around 24 or 25 % Is there any more I can do besides cancel lexington law, to get to 640 or 700 in the next 6 months? Someone please help. 6 years of misery needs to come to an end!

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With God all things are possible I purchase my first home with just my income a score of 625 I didn't even need my husband income I had a good work history is this your first home my state has the first time home buyer program that help by paying the closing cost .Prayer works 😇

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Sorry, but the fact is, the payment record of the past seven years is what any creditor looks at to determine your trustworthiness.  Some banks may go farther back than that because a mortgage is a large amount of cash to trust someone with and, given the past issues with risky mortgages that ended up being a loss, they are gun-shy.

Exercise patience and read the articles here regarding credit and how to build it.  Legitimate negatives are a part of your credit history and you'll have to do a bit of work to rebuild creditor trust. Work on rebuilding your credit score and the articles and tools on this site are what can help you to do so.  The site is free for us but is paid for by the credit card companies who advertise, and they make recommendations to you based on partial information, not the true credit score you have.  The partial information is just an example so you can get an idea of the positive and/or negative effects of financial actions on your credit score.  It's like doing a sample question on a quiz. 

Remember, when you have a house of your own, you have to fix all things that break, you have to have homeowners insurance with a good liability coverage and you'll have property taxes to pay.  Start doing the math and seeing what you might eventually be able to afford.  I've been a homeowner and a renter.  There are pros and cons to both, so neither is the perfect solution for everyone.

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Yep, our experience is that you need to leave the "bad stuff" alone, or set up a payment plan that you can afford, and get them to report it as an ontime payment arrangement.  Then start adding as much GOOD data to your credit report account as possible.  One secured card will not likely work.  You will potentially need 2 or 3.

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