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Dear CK: can you please add back the ability to update daily with the new beta product?
Please also make it visible to those that may convert in the future that:

1) You can't switch back
2) You will lose the ability to update on your own, and are forced into 1 week automatic updates on log-in.

I have been advised more than once that the weekly update should be sufficient given that lenders report updates every 1-30 days, while this is correct information about the reporting frequency, it does not actually pertain to CK's weekly updates in any way.

When someone like me (and MANY others) are juggling more than one line of credit, they could very well be posting rotating updates every 1-2 days. I PAY FOR two other credit monitoring products that provide Daily updates, and I can assure you, I do get changes on a relatively regular basis anywhere from every 1-3 days.

Just in the last week that I have used Credit Karma Beta, I have found CK is basically out of date information on a weekly basis until the next update. When I got my automatic update on the 19th, my reports changed on the 20th, and now CK will be out of date for a running 6-7 full days before my next automatic update.

This really handicaps the functionality and usefulness of the product, please fix.

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Credit Karma’s Response

Thanks for taking time to post; we appreciate the feedback. We wanted to take a moment to respond to this thread.

Remember that if you receive a credit monitoring alert about something important changing in your credit report, your score will be automatically updated the next time you log into Credit Karma—we know that’s important. Plus, there are a lot of new features on Credit Karma Insight—we encourage you to give them a try!

We now offer account monitoring, which works on a daily basis. We replaced something that typically changes every 30 days (credit reports) with something that is more apt to change every day (transactions and balances). We’ll even email you updates about your accounts, like when a bill is due. Just go to your Account Management page to activate account monitoring:

With Credit Karma, now you get both credit monitoring and account monitoring for free.

Disclaimer: Credit Karma provides general information about credit. This advice is not intended to advise about your personal financial situation. Consult a financial, legal or other professional adviser.

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Disappointed with update.

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I agree with the Original poster.. I am actively engaged in repairing my credit and found the ability to retrieve daily updated information very useful.  

Now that the service has switched over to weekly updates, I doubt I'll continue to use CK.. The ability to check when and if disputes, updates, and inquiries hit my credit report is what made this service attractive.

It's very disappointing that it wasn't made clear AT ALL that the service would be shifting formats away from daily pulling.. NOR were we notified that we'd be unable to switch back to the original method after updating.  I feel deceived.

Please allow us to change back or at least reinstate daily updates.

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I too liked the fact that I could see my credit score in virtual real time or as close as I could get. The score is not updated every time I log into my account. If you are to be judged by your credit score, you might as well have the best tools available. So, I vote that you go back to the previous feature in the beta.

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I am disappointed with the update. It was nice to see everything in one area when it came to looking at my CC and/or loan at once. This is something you could do before and no longer can. It is much more difficult to find the information that I am looking for. Wishing that you would return this feature.

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I'm not happy with the layout or new format. I will be closing my account down shortly too

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Financial Transparency

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When I initially discovered I was very impressed.  To me, the entire notion of a credit score is invasive, vague, elementary, and holds way too much power over the financial future of an individual.  Plus the lack of transparency over one's own financial health is crazy!  How this system is set up seems to make it very easy for predators to engage in identity theft.  It seems that practically every part of the credit card industry (and the banking industry for that matter) has some level of corruption. 

This is why I was so happy to discover a tool like Credit Karma which has helped make more transparent the activities of these large institutions that deal with credit.  I am distraught that you have taken away the "daily update" function and failed to notify your members, especially since there is already an internal messaging system already established. 

I would advise that you bring back the "daily update" option as it is likely you have lost a number of your most loyal members and will likely lose more to your competitors.  

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I am activly looking for "pay" service... if that's what it takes.

They are no-doubt entertaining "purcghasers" for this site, they are making changes that would better suit a Corporation.... wait and Out of here. 

CK is going to go the way of all those Businesses that a Majority never heard of if it continues down this path of removing the freedom users enjoy!

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What is this? Facebook?

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You had a good thing going. What is the problem? Facebook makes a change and people stay because there are millions. I doubt you have that much patronage.

Bad idea. Give us back the ability to update on our own. I don't even update every day but I liked it better when I did the work.

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credit updates

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I find CK to be a month behind on posting payments and changing balances.This is very frustrating!

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I thought this had to do with your bank/lender posting to the bureu (or whatever) once a month? I've noticed that mine changes around the same time as my statements, once a month.  

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Seeing as they are pulling from TransUnion is it CK or TU that's behind? Have you tried pulling your TU report and seeing if CK is not in line with that?

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This isn't new. They've been a month behind on several of my accounts since before the changeover to weekly pulls. And yes, I have compared this with my real TU report. And I have told CK. And they insist I am mistaken.

Seems like itzsaga is a CK employee, with the way he leaps to their defense.

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yes takes about a month for my new payments to post

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I agree.  Please bring back daily updates.  That was what made CreditKarma my preferred credit monitoring site.  Without the daily updates I have no reason to come back. 

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I support this thread and all the comments not liking the outdated reports.

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Not Happy

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I switched - today and I have wrong account balances now, missing accounts I am unable to update to reflect correct information. NOT Happy about this at all,.

If anyone sees this and are asked to try the new version ---- RUUUUUUNNNN

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More info

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I have had a ***ulative 9 report changes in the last two weeks, scattered throughout the 14 days.  Evident by two other monitoring services I use.

These are not properly reflecting in CK until a weekly update occurs.  Your "30 day" reporting idea that weekly updates are now based on is flawed.  Please fix.

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1 month, no change

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CK is joining the ranks of companies that don't care that their customers want. How fantastic.

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I agree. Please fix.  Also, I am now NOT sure if the free Daily Credit Monitoring service is still working, given that the credit score is now updated WEEKLY.

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