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Has anyone heard of Is this a scam or not?

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in response to your question is creditse

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The answer is no it does work absolutely not a scam you just have purchase the program and you will receive a book and then email and you are to read the book and follow it step by step as shown and join the group and you will be very successful

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Absolutely NOT a SCAM

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This program absolutely does work, and they do offer a 30 day, no questions asked guarantee. I don't care about the marketing tactics. Almost everyone on the internet uses the same formula. Just look at all the "as seen on TV ads"

The biggest perk of the program is that once you are a member, you get access to the private Facebook Group where there is a huge community of over 18,000 members all helping each other out and supporting one another. I started with credit scores in the mid500s and was able to get into the mid600s in about 2 months. The program outlines the exact steps you need to take to remove stuff off your credit report using the loopholes in the credit industry's system.

It was worth every single penny I spent.

And again, with a money back guarantee, why wouldn't you try it?

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I just listened to some of the video. Two obvious things led me to believe it is a scam.  First, all the hoopla about people needing to watch the video NOW before they are forced to take it down.  Now why would they have to take it down if everything is above board? That's nothing but an old, tired, desperate, stale, scare tactic to get people to do something now. Second, why isn't there any clue whatsoever what the heck it is about?  The seller would have much more success if a potential customer had a clue what was going on.  But of course the seller just blows smoke because it's a scam.  There is no way that a SECRET method exists that only this guy knows about that will raise someone's credit score that hhigh in 90 days just by writing some type of letter.

I am shocked there aren't a large amount of negative reviews online.  Maybe everybody is too smart to buy it.

The web site does say the book can be returned for a full refund within 30 days. So I guess out of curiosity, it can be purchased using a credit card.  If returned, I would then report the card lost so nothing else could be charged to the card.  Sometimes this is what fraudulent companies will do.

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NOT a scam!

I've used the CreditSecret program and have removed all of my negative items in less than 8 months. Since then, I've been able to get credit cards, get a new car, and finally been able to get qualified for a home loan.

For the person saying you'd have to spend $190/month, is absolute false. It all depends on your situation and how many negative items you're attempting to remove. They also honor thier 30 day money back guarantee and the customer support is amazing. Two thumbs up! 

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I unfortunately tried the program for a very short time. Using this method you can spend around $190 a month or so at the post office alone and get no results.  They claim it's no form letters but that's exactly what is was ...a pre written dispute template. 

 I tried to request my refund as stated in their advertising and was told in no uncertain terms they will not honor a refund even though I copied and pasted from their very own site the refund policy.  

Definitely a scam.  It's a take your money and run type deal. They just want your money for "secrets" I know now you can find posted on consumer advocate websites for free with a little research. 

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100% Legit! Credit Secret Rocks

Hi! This is my honest opinion. I was skeptical at first, but when I found Credit Secret, I decided to give it a try. Within 30 days of using the program, I was able to remove 3 negative accounts and increase my score by 47 points. They have over 18,000 members in a very active Facebook group with 1,000s of testimonials, so the comments stating it's a scam, clearly haven't used the program. 100% recommend! 

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Definitely NOT a scam

I've used the Credit Secret program to raise my credit scores and to bring me one step closer to buying a new home. 

I get it. If something sounds too good to be true, it must be a scam right? I'm here to tell you that this program is 100% legitimate and does work, IF you follow the process exactly as outlined (and it's a pretty simple process of mailing out the letters that the program provides you with) 

There's a facebook community with over 18,000 members posting testimonials and screenshots of their success daily, using the Credit Secret program. Kinda hard to believe that with a group of  people this large showing their results, this could be a scam.

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CreditScore.Org Review

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I released and renewed my ip... computer address.  

before then the sight was unreachable after refreshing the page.  Something is not right.

Even when I typed the full website it was unreachable.  I am going to figure it out.

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Im honestly going to go with scam. The video states, he doesn't know how long this video would be up blah blah. I have seen people in forums discuss it back in 2014! And there seems to be no real reviews anywhere, just crazy.

The BBB also wrote an article saying that no one can just make something disappear for drop off of your credit report if it is actually we live actually a fact that it's your credit default. .

My guess from everything I've researched it this more a letter or form of you asking them to prove that it is your debt where it originally came from and if they can't do that with in 30 days and they have to remove the negative reporting from your FICo score

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Your Credit Scores Should Be Free. And Now They Are.

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