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How long does it take for collections to go off the credit report?
I used to have a lot of various collections on my credit report, but I have paid all of them off except for my medical bills. My credit report shows them as paid and closed but my credit score hasn’t improved. Will I have to wait for them to be removed from my credit report in order for my score to go up? I feel like I’m working so hard to get things under control with no positive results.
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7 years from the first late payment not when it got sent to collections. It goes by the date that you were late the first time that made it late in the same month that made it 30 days late. I know this cause I called the credit bureau myself and spoke with someone that explained it to me. Like on my report it only states the one payment bar the charge off date but when I called the bureau it actually is coming off more then a yr. And a half sooner then I thought.

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And yes I agree with realsugar but as soon as it is removed from your credit report and you have open good on time payments and utilization with other credit that reports to bureaus your score will jump right up.

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Depending on how you resolved your credit collections, these negative marks will reflect in your credit score even after you've paid them off. According to FICO's recent disclosure of credit score damage points, a late credit card payment can cost you 60-110 points and a debt settlement costs 45-125 points. While you took a smart step towards improving your credit by paying these derogatory accounts, your credit score won't benefit immediately. Negative marks typically remain on your credit report for up to 7 years and will drag down your overall credit score regardless of your other accounts being in good standing. The good news is the affect on your credit score will decrease over time. Within a year of good credit behavior such as on-time payments and paying off more debts, you'll see your hard work pay off in a healthier credit score.

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