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Do you recommend credit repair companies? And if so do you have some referrals?

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Reliant Credit Repair

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Used them and recommended them to a few of my friends. first of all the financial aspect, i referred 3 friends got my monthly fee waived then joined their affiliate program and got paid for all three referrals lol talk about a bargain, but in terms of the results i recieved steady increases in my scores monthly and my friends have similar results. they make it affordable without compromising the quality of the process, in my opinion at least. they are totally worth trying and so for those reasons i do recommend them! 


really think about it you can get your credit repair practically free if you refer people totally worth it you guys. especially when youre trying to pay things down while doing this they really give you a chance to breathe and redee yourself.

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Reliant Credit Repair Actual Review

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I used this company after seeing their reviews here on Credit Karma and Google. When I called they gave me a free consultation and credit advice. They were very helpful and took their time on the phone and didnt get frustrated when I said I needed some time to think about it. I decided to make the decision to get started with them and im glad I did. They got a public record removed from my report which brought my scores up about 30 points alone, they also removed two medical bills, and now I only have 1 Verizon account left in dispute. They did set the expectations and told me the process could take anyhwere between 6-9 months and so far I am satisfied. I needed to get a new car at the bginning of this month and so they gave me a $250 voucher towards a down payment on my new car. I am very very satisfied.

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He won't lie to make money.

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He won't promise scores boosting. He won't promise the unrealistic drama. Hes a serious man. The people are down to earth and funny. But they don't lie. Never once pushed me into a **** thing. Never once pressured or played the fear tactics. I thought this man does not want my business. He told me point blank what he would do. Told me what he could not do. Told me what the fair credit reporting act allows, what it means. Pushed for free things for me. Just a helpful person. His secretary is helpful. They are 3 people who work fast. This is not a company where you come in and it's a postcard. Nothing pretentious about this company. If you like human go to this man. If you want to be bull****ters go with someone else, I don't think he really cares and neither do I. But honest people exist. And you know them when you see them.

My name is Roly and I am a client.

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He surely wont. I can atest to that.

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Call Antonio in Coconut Grove

Helpful to 115 out of 206 people

Helpful guy, won't bs you. Fast and knowledgeable. The man cares. His company helped me and is still helping. The thing I like best is that the whole website is packed with info, lots of links, articles, funny stuff and serious stuff. It's an advocacy group and the only nonprofit I have seen that charges what they do. Big for military and elderly and low income which is how I got to them. I can only tell my experience so I don't know if this is good for you as a referral or reference point but I tell my friends. The site revives traffic from everywhere, and it's a curious thing. I like to read the articles and reviews. Like all of us, he was fed up and did something about it. Best I can do is say this.
Check it out. Maybe it helps, it helped me.
Cleanslatecredit .org (Florida. I got confused and out. Com and it sent me to a jersey company with a similar name which charge crazy amounts and Don t help. Make sure it's the org one)
Good luck everyone

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Antonio from coconut grove Florida. I m a client. Helped me and good people. I would recommend to all normal people. I recommended my son. Military price is lowest anywhere.

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Le traquetean los timbales

Helpful to 92 out of 163 people

Este tipo es un barbaro. Buena gente sin cuentos o guayaba. Si te puede ayudar te lo dice, so no, tambien te lo dice.
Yo fui clienta de bajos ingresos. Habla Espanol. Todos los derechos para los cliente. Le traquetean los timbales.
Aqui no se paga pot adelantado. Aprenda sus derechos.
Cleanslatecredit punto org.

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Credit Repair companies hate my boss

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While there are companies that do for consumers they are either funded by federal grants or private loans. My boss was also my agent at one point and credit repair can be legitimate.
Try to visit and see for yourself. It's a nutty website but no less true. For people who are tired of being misled it's really refreshing. The truth is we will go with whoever we want, but it's important to let people know their rights in full and not try to bully anyone into anything

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There is some truth to what Credit Karma has to say about credit repair companies but if you carefully choose the right one & research your options then you will probably be better off than actually doing it yourself unless you are a legal assistant who loves research & writing. It takes time, patience, lots of reading & research on consumer laws, writing, negotiating and credit monitoring to keep your credit in good shape. I know because after years of restoring my own credit & that of friends and family, I decided to start my own credit repair consulting company.

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What is the name of your credit repair company?


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Took me about 1 hour on phone consultation and then 5 minutes to file. Happy

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how can i get a list of what is on my credit report?

Please inquire at for a government report. If you do not qualify, you may purchase these reports from the bureau.

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Visit annualcreditreport. Com and sign up. The law states that all consumers are entitled to one free report annually from the top 3 credit reporting bureus.
This will give you an option for download or mail. If you choose download make sure you have the memory to hold the files. Some are over 100 pages long.
Enjoy your reading and comparative reviews.

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I decided to go with a credit repair company before I had to declare bankruptcy. They were mostly ineffective. They only helped to remove one derogatory, untrue item from my record.

At that time, I dumped them and started writing my own letters. I even wrote them by hand. This seems odd, but I wanted the credit company reviewers to know that the letters actually came from me. Back when I had the consulting company, I did get a letter from one of the bureaus asking me if I was actually writing to them, or if I had a company doing it. Ouch!

When I started writing my own letters, things changed a lot. I had the derogatory, untrue items mostly removed. This took my credit up about 100 points, and lowered what they claimed that I owed.

I still had to declare bankruptcy over medical bills, however I learned an important lesson. There is no reason, with truth, sincerity, and a little research, why the determined person cannot be more effective than a company.

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Your Credit Scores Should Be Free. And Now They Are.

View your scores and reports anytime.


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