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Credit tips for 20 year old?
Hello everyone, I'm 20 years old (as the title implies) and so is my wife. We are both active duty navy and make about $100k a year combined right now (mostly untaxed) and I have A 750 fico score but a high 600's low 700's vantage score. $109k credit available. 2 new car loans with my wife owing 20k @ 2.79% and 17k @ 0%. The only 'negative' thing I see is 21 inquiries and 14 new accounts (mostly credit cards) I never carry a balance on my cards and I have so many mostly because we love to travel so i like the rewards. Anyway my question is how do I get into the 800's for my credit score? Money isn't really an issue we could pay off both cars within 3-4 months if need be.

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Congrats on such a high score at such a young age.   You are probably about twice as high as most people you age.   Do NOT rush to pay off those cars.  This would end up being a negative on your credit report.   When loans are fulfilled, the account is no longer active and it takes a hit to your report.   Only time itself can improve your standing.    You can only wait while the accounts age to improve your score.   You'll see a nice bump in about 2 years when all those inquiries are removed.  You should curtail your future inquiries so that these accounts can age.   You have two options to you.  One, is to find a friend or relative with good and lengthy credit and have them add you as an authorized user to their account.  By default, the age of the account would transfer to your report.  One that is about 20 year old credit would be nice.   Although, be forwarded, if something negative happens on that card, it would be credited to you as well, although you could get removed and have that erased.   The only thing missing from your credit profile is a mortgage loan.   Alghough initially it would impact your score in a negative way although after several years you would see that reverse.  All you really need to do, is sit back and wait and you'll see yours climb slowly as long as you continue to manage that credit wisely.

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First,  Thank you both for your Service. 

Having Credit does not mean you have to use it all the time.   It's a Game. 

I also have 15 Credit Cards,  only carry one of them the other all sit in a drawer never seeing the light of day.   Now I do make these CC's work for me as I send them a 1.25 every few months to show Payment History and activity on the card. been doing this for years now. 

Pay your Car's off and save on the intrest.   

You already have a awesome FICO score so don't worry to much about it,  it will climb over time and you both have lots of time. 

Save , Save and Save, 

You will see the Hard Inquires drop off over time and you should see a litle increase with each one,  1 or 2 points maybe. 

keep everything paid off.  ALWAYS.

NEVER EVERY BE LATE on A payment. 

Read your Statements as soon as you get them DO NO LET THEM PILE UP and be UN-Opened. 
File all your Statements away.

Monthy Budgets if you already don't have one.  you will be doing this the rest of your life. 

Read Dave Ramsey if you have time.  ( I'm on board with everything except Credit Cards )  have lived without for years after having them and then learned a hard lesson so back in to the CC Game 

this should be a good starting point.

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