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Credit Karma is score is WAY OFF!
My Credit Karma Score is completly different from my actual Credit score when pulled by an actual Bank. Credit Karma is not even close to my score, way off, Big lie. I have come to the conclusion that this is just a marketing tool for certain businesses to reach a certain type of customer. I am very disappointed

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30+ points lower!?!?

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I work so hard to keep my scores up thanks to CK however I did not want to go apply for a mortgage until my credit was excellent. I went to the bank when CK said my two scores were 758. I applied, and my mortgage broker told me my middle score is 720 something. I told her that's impossible because my transition and Equifax werre the same at 758. She asked me how I knew and I told her I was a constant user of CK. So now I'm ****ed off that I couldn't get the mortgage amount I wanted because of the false info CK provided me. I think it's best we part ways. Although CK is free, I can't trust a company that provides false info. 

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I agree
I checked my credit karma score and applied for a credit card. My denial letter had my real score ( almost 50 points lower than what credit karma reports)
There just trying to get people to apply for credit though their site to make money.

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False Reporting

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I thought I was doing the right thing by utilizing Credit Karma to keep an eye on my school and credit. And use what I believed was inaccurate score that they claimed was through to reputable credit reporting agencies Transunion and Equifax decided to contact a mortgage company to refinance my house I found out that my score was 90 points less than what Credit Karma cleans my score was causing me to not only have a credit inquiry but I decided to not follow through on the refi due to a low score which would have caused me to have a higher interest rate thanks for nothing Credit Karma I plan on canceling my membership with you and notifying anybody I know to never use your company

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Vastly Inaccurate

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I had a hard pull on my score and found a 173 point discrepancy between what CK indicated for TU and what TU reported to a lender. This is borderline fraud if they are trying to get people to pay for their service.

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Went to apply for a mortgage because CK told me my score was 664... NOPE. It's actually 500. When I called them, they told me the lender chose to use a different scoring model. Well why can't CK use the same **** model? Ridiculous.

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Worse then a bad marriage...

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I went for my mortgage. Cleaned up all my credit paid 23 accounts from my divorce. CK has me at a 680 perfect only needed a 640 for my loan..... NOPE score was only a 605. Embarrassed like i walk in nude too my bank holding my junk... just use discover score card it is a fico score a true score.

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Way off

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My score on one was 150 points higher on Credit Karma now I'm really in the dumps , it will take for ever to bring up 100 points

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Scores are Wrong - Algorithm Different

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Don't use Credit Karma OR any of the other FREE sites for accurate scores.  Those with low scores will just suffer embarrassment when rejected after being embolden by wrong scores to apply for credit. FICO is different than Vantage 3.0 but the score here is still wrong. I bit the bullet and paid for real scores for all 3 credit bureaus and found out for myself. Glad I did.

I will still use Credit Karma to see what reporting is happening, but I lost confidence in the site. It's the same at other free sites. was WORST. 100 points off.

P.S. The "Credit Stimulator" app also produces different results on other paid site.

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Incorrect Score

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I have been an avid Credit Karma user....Thank you so much! However.... a couple of months ago I was absolutely floored when I noticed my score got -142 points! I felt robbed. However, after recently applying for a loan, I became aware that my score was 102 HIGHER than what credit karma reported. I urge you all to request your REAL credit report one per year for free as required by law.

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way off

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My score was 60 points lower as reported by a credit card company upon acceptance of a credit card application originating from CK. the core problem lies with the "credit bureaus" not being secretive and not forthright with the American people. It's antiquated, deeply flawed, and kept that way just like the tax code. There is no excuse in this day in age not to reform and standardize. I am the sole provider for a family of 4 and my credit has bumps and bruises because of it. My autistic stepson who has no real concept of money, makes 3000 a year has a 775 score and owns nothing has a 775 score. I am a workhorse with 15 years seniority at a great paying job and couldn't even finance a used car at one point. But my rental history is flawless, utilities are flawless, and it seems a lot of good is overlooked but the bad things get caught with the fine tooth comb. It's unfair, and I'm over it. Even though now I have 16k in open credit, I could care less because I finally figured out credit cards are actually portable loan sharks. The system stinks,

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Ok. Credit Karma's scoring system is just disgraceful.   My scores are high on credit karma.  My equifax is 780.  Not bad. I believed that I could lease a car for a good monthly payment. I go thru and negotiate the lease of a truck.  Finance gives me a great price if my credit score is 740+.  Credit Karma says i have 780 so was confident i would get the low payment for my lease.  My credit unions finance pulled my EQUIFAX score ane it was 697.  83 points lower then on  Credit Karma.

It was a humiliating experience.  I could still lease the vehicle but it would cost me $70 more per month.  So it was going to increase my least amount by $4,200  over the life of the lease.

This told me right then and there that Credit Karma if full of B.S.

The scores on here do not mean anything. Credit Karma is just a service that tries to get you to use other credit cards of loan company's . I am sure Credit Karma gets a commission for every person that signs up for some of the finance services you get tricked into gettting on this site.

disgusted in Dallas. 

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Your Credit Scores Should Be Free. And Now They Are.

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