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Crazy score change
Ok this is driving me crazy.. I added my rental history to my TU account and it went from 571 to 591 . Then Credit karma listed ther major reason my score was bring hurt was my ratio of used credit to my balance was too high . In some cases 78 percent so I paid them WAY down. I then let the the bureaus know rhey were paid way down . I am applying for a loan and I anxiously awaited my next update to see my score go over 600 AND THEN , THEY ADMITTED MY BALANCES WENT WAY DOWN AND LOWERED MY SCORE TO 578 !!! AHHHHHHHHH . NOW they claim there was two derogatories added BUT THEY ARE THE SAME ONES THAT WERE THERE SINCE 2011 . Seems like some scam , as soon as I fix one problem , they lowwer the scre and find a another one !

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First of all.

Rent and utilities are considered Cost of living and are not generally included in your report as creditors. 

Adding them to a report won't do any long term good if they aren't payng to report to the CRA monthly.

Credit scores are based on Algirithiums that take the last 84 or 120 months of activity into account.  A change for a single month might initially change your Vantage score on here, But a hard inquiry to your credit will look at the last 84 months how you have managed your credit in that time.   Credit is a slow moving behemouth that takes its time and changes very slowly. Trying to get a 30 or 40 point gain in just a few days is vertually impossible if your have a short credit history.  Also realize that the scores here are not going to be exactly the same as your scores else where.  Each lender uses their own algirithium based on the type of loan and the credit factors that they consider important.

Good luck 

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Definitely take some time to do some more reading about credit, I think that you may be a little confused on a few things, but I agree that the Vantage system itself is very confusing and doesn't seem to make sense at times. The best thing that you can do, is to ignore the Vantage system. Most lenders use a version of FICO and they can be a little easier to follow. Concern yourself with FICO scores, read about them, what it takes to appease FICO scoring systems and work in that direction. Credit Karma is a fine place to keep an eye on your Transunion and Equifax reports, free of charge, but it is not a good place to follow scores.

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Did you read the articles on this site so you could get a good understanding of how credit works and how to build a good score?  After all, that is the stated purpose of Credit Karma.  This information will be to your benefit for the rest of your life.  Sure helped me!!

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Your Credit Scores Should Be Free. And Now They Are.

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