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Collection agency picked up a debt over 7 yrs old and reaged it HELP
My credit card that wasn't paid on since 07 (over 7 years old) shows a payment was made on March 2010 which is least it wasn't paid by me. It was picked up by a collection agency WHICH I have disputed saying they falsely reaged this debt. All my disputes are being denied because although the original debt is over 8 years old, the collection agency list it was open in 2010 when they bought it!!!!!!! I am so mad! I have heard there is no legal stance they can take on this matter since I didn't contract with them, it was my original creditor that i owed. It says I owe 613 balance (on a 300 limit card) and it will fall off in february 2016....I have debated waiting but afraid they will take me to court for a judgment and I will owe more! I don't think the collection agencies get your billing history, they just hope you dont show up in court and they win by default. (I am dealing with that now and didn't go to court so they are garnishing 400 a month from my pay check). I really want some guidance as the disputes keep coming back that it is a verified account, and going by the date of the collection agency buying my old debt it has only been 5 years by their calculations! I will go to court this time and fight it if they pursue another judgment. I just don't know if I will win. The bank that I used to pay this account is closed now so no way to go back and get the records showing I haven't paid since 07! I was told that if they don't show up at court with the billing history (which most don't obtain) then you can win. Anyways, I thought about settling it to have it deleted but I feel it unjust that they illegally done this. My problem is I am trying to buy a home and need this removed before I can :( HELP

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The date the collection was opened by the debt collector has nothing to do with credit reporting time periods, it is simply the date that the collection company acquired the debt.


If the account is to remain on your reports until Feb 2016, then most likely the DOFD (date of first delinquency, which is what starts the 7 year clock) would have been Feb 2009. Which would have made your last payment January 2009. Double check your records to make sure that you didn't make a payment in Jan 09. If you did not, then contact the original creditor and ask what they show for the date of the last payment that you've made on the account.


As far as the debt collector taking you to court for the debt, what is the Statute of Limitations in your state to be sued for a debt? That may be your defense, that it is outside the SOL. You would still have to appear in court though to use it.


Settling/paying an account does not delete it from your reports unless you get an agreement prior to paying to do so. Paying a debt only marks it as paid, it doesn't remove it from your reports. So make sure you negiotate removal prior to paying if you decide to pay it.


If you do find out that any type of illegal activity took place by the debt collector then you should consult with a consumer law attorney in your state.

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