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Can I get the agencies to take account that I was a "ghost" until the age of 48?
I was what the credit reporting agencies refer to as a "ghost". I came to the States from the U.K. to live in 1998 at the age of 48 without any U.S. credit history (hence the ghost). I was an additional cardholder on all my American wife's credit cards. Eventually I got one card in my own account. I handled all our finances including a mortgage in her name (we were advised not to include me because it would take longer to get approval with no chance of success). When my wife died in early 2011, I refinanced the mortgage in my own name, reducing the term from 25 years remaining to 15 years at a lower interest rate but an increased monthly payment. I took over one credit card, but cancelled the others which couldn't be transferred. I replaced them in my own name.

I have a perfect payment history on all accounts. The thing which stops me having an excellent credit score is mainly the limited age of my credit history. At 62, having the oldest credit card at 8 years and the average account age at 2 years 3 months, I am disadvantaged because I didn't have an American credit card before I lived here. Despite paying a mortgage for 8 years, my mortgage credit is only 2 years old.

It appears to me that I ought to be able to show proof to the agencies that I only started at the age of 48 as if I just left high school and was involved in the finances since then. I have a very good record in all aspects that are rated "highly important".

In December, I provided someone with a private mortgage (fully deeded etc in the Superior Court) for $50,000. I provided all but $12k of this in cash. The $12k I obtained in short term borrowing against a credit card - half at 0% for a year and the other half at a low rate for 2 years. Yes, my history with them was excellent as that was the card I transferred from my wife. I aim to pay off all short-term borrowing before the low rates expire.

Once I reduce the credit card utilization to "normal" levels before the end of the 2014, I plan to refinance my mortgage. Note that by then I will have 2 years of tax returns with increased income generated by the mortgage I have provided. Naturally, I wish to ensure that my 720 credit score is raised into the "excellent" range before I do that.

Is there any way in which I can obtain some kind of adjustment to my credit score to allow for the ghostliness of my history? In other words, some senior manager in the agencies taking account of my excellent history since I started being able to have my own accounts and projecting it into the period during which the agencies can have no evidence of my existence?

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