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Your Credit Scores Should Be Free. And Now They Are.

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Do it yourself!

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I suggest saving the fee and doing it yourself. These companies are out to make money, sure they maybe helpful but you can negotiate without them. Google and research!!! You can send a good faith letter and negotiate "delete for payment" on your own (if you have old accounts reporting missed payments etc). You are incurring more debt ratio by adding a credit repair firm as they charge a fee. Do you really have room in your budget for $100.00 or more each month? If you do maybe it would be better spent repairing your credit yourself. Also if items are in collections keep in mind it is possible to negotiate the amount since the collection agencies BUY the origional debt for much less sometimes pennies on the dollar. Try it yourself before commiting to spend your hard earned cash to line someone elses pockets!

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Credit Repair

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No company can "repair" your credit.  Only you can, however, there are companies that will get you onto a payment plan that will be accepted by your creditors.  Some, like American Express may work with such a company and only charge principle and no interest.  Others, like Wells Fargo may not participate at all.  Usually these companies only deal in credit debt so if you also have a car loan that would most likely have to be dealt with separately.  Many, many people here knock these companies yet it worked for us.

I actually used one of these companies.  I suffered a series of financial setbacks topped off with my wife having 3 back surgeries resulting in a long drawn out Workman's Comp suit.  On top of that I had 3 kids move back in, one with a wife and a kid of his own.  I couldin't keep up and we soon found ourselves in a serious, serious hole, including a boat and a car payment.

I ended up working with Consolidated Credit Corp.  The calls stopped, as did the calls from lawyers who wanted to grab whatever assets I had.  This was not an easy process to finish.  I started with what seemed like high payments made through automated withdrawal every month.  We made sure that every payment was in there when it had to be.  It actually took a couple of years, however, we paid back every cent we were asked to.  There were no write-offs or discounts on the debts we had.  We finished last year and our credit scores, are now 770/913/898.  While I have certain accounts still open, we use them very sparingly and usually pay them in full by the end of the billing cycle.  

It's not always easy, and there are a lot of temptations but its really worth it to know that I can handle a financial emergency if I have to.

If you decide to look for a company to help reduce your payments and make them on your behalf, be sure to perform your due diligence.  There are a lot of companies that are not going to do anything but take your money and run.  READ EVERYTHING carefully before you sign anything.

One last thing, be sure to check your free annual credit reports.  I found a mistake on one of mine where a mortgage lender said I was late with a payment when in fact I'd paid that mortgage off in full the month previous after selling my house.  I challenged it, they withdrew the late payment info and it helped my score as a result.  There are a lot of errors on credit reports and if you don't check it, then you may be seriously hurting yourself credit-wise.

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Not True, Broke Daddy...

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There is a reason Broke Daddy is broke.

It is absolutely possible to repair your credit.  We do it all the time.

I am a paralegal with Lexington Law. We have been doing Credit Report Repair for over 21 years and helped over 1/2 a Million people! WE are the Trusted Leaders in Credit Report Repair. I have worked here for 5 years.

 If you SERIOUSLY want GOOD credit and a GOOD credit score, Call me at:

1-(855) 255-3410

Extension 61031

Ask for Amy Stevens

I am a real person, that is my real photo and I would love to talk with you about fixing your credit.  Visit to get information about the service and the fees.

Talk to you soon,


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Too many factors

There are too many things that make one credit repair company better than the other. If you want to be cheap and do the work yourself, be prepared for a long battle with letters. Put your money to work and call an expert. I tried Creditmergency and Lexington Law, both great companies, but Creditmergency was cheaper. 

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Try Reliant Credit Repair

I have tried Reliant Credit Repair. There so straight forward and still help you even after the services are done.

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The best thing you can do is contact someone who offers free consultations, they can pull up your credit and help you come up with a gameplan. Make sure you ask the right questions, for example, Creditmergency has free ebooks and they also offer that free consultation to repair and rebuild your credit

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Your Credit Scores Should Be Free. And Now They Are.

View your scores and reports anytime.


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