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Are Credit Karma scores accurate?
I was denied a mortgage loan because my actual credit score was over 30 points lower than what my Credit Karma score was. Has anyone else had this experience?
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 I just had the same thing happen to me.  Turns out my Transunion score was really 597.  Credit Karma stated it was 645.  Same day pull as the FHA morgage pull.  If there can be 40 points difference, then it makes you wonder how good of a service it truely is and why we're using it. 

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Yes I have had it happen to me. My transunion actual score and the credit karma score (which bases their score off transunion) were over 40 points different

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Credit Karma has their own guidelines and pull their information from the Transunion credit bureau.

Go to and pull your three free credit bureau reports ( Equifax, Transunion and Experian ).  Good Luck.

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you cant compare different scores  they are completely different not even close

your score here must have been low enough to have 30 pts affect getting aproved

befor you go to buy a house you need to find out what is affecting your score get all 3 reports

and get your scores from fico most lenders use them

when you were declined did you get a copy of your credit report are your credit card utilization below 30%is their any incorrect info on your file

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