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Any quick bump hints or Where to get Daily Triple Credit Pulls.....
I am very actively trying to repair my credit and I am on a very tight deadline to get into a new house. I know we are supposed to have patience, but I am in a bind. I have been purchasing a home via owner finance and the seller hasn't been making their mortgage payments. We got served about two weeks ago with papers (without my name, just the term: tenant) for foreclosure. I contacted an attorney and they told me that I can sue the seller, but that is the extent of what I can do. I contacted the bank that holds the note and they told me that there isn't anything I can do either. I have been working on credit repair for a few weeks now. I have 3 medical collections for a total of about 1200.00 that all came onto my report in January of this year that I never even received a bill for; I have great health insurance and these should have been paid and they are all from one emergency room visit that I made last year. Aside from that, I have one several year old credit card that I was behind on that is paid off, but still reporting negatively, one old medical collection that I paid off in 2011, an ATT MOBILITY collection for 700 that I don't understand (I do have an ATT cellular account, but I still have it and it is current and ATT says they don't know anything about it). And I also have a DIRECTV collection that is legit; I got mad at them because the service was in and out and the bill kept getting larger and told them to disconnect me and they charged me a cancellation fee I refused to pay because the service was horrible.

Anyway, I should have been paying more attention to my credit a long time ago it seems and I have certainly made some mistakes, but I am actively trying to get everything back in order. I just sent out PFDs on the medicals and Directv and a dispute on ATT. I also disputed the old paid off medical collection and the old credit card bill. Waiting to hear back on these now.

I got two secured credit cards with 200.00 limits each (skyblue and merrick) and I have 15.00 balance on skyblue and 0.00 on merrick. I also took out a secured loan through my bank for 500.00 and have the payments automatically being taken out.

I don't have a lot of other accounts on my credit file. I have an auto loan that I had one late payment on and that (aside from collections) is the only late payment that I have showing on my file. I paid it off in 2013; originally it was just under 12,000.00 and I had it for 3 years.

I had several other credit cards and charge accounts and never had any late payments, but they were all canceled because I never used them.

There is nothing else on my account at all.

My scores were: EXP: 565, EQU: 572, TRU: 561 a month ago. I just pulled them again and they are now: EXP: 516, EQU: 631, TRU: 582.

Is there anything else that anyone can think of that I can do to give me a quick bump, especially on TRU? I really need to get a place to live and I am hoping for a 620 middle score soon.

I have the money to pay off all the collections (about 3200.00 total) and I don't have a problem doing that. I could also spend another 1000 or 2 on doing something else to repair my credit if it would help. That would still leave me about 10,000.00 for a downpayment and closing costs on a reasonable property. There are 6 of us and I really can't afford to be homeless and we have a lot of stuff, so a tiny rental really isn't an option. My credit score has never been less than a 690 before and this has hit me kind of all at once, with horrible timing. I paid 30k down on the house I'm in and have paid over 1000 a month for 5 years and wasn't expecting to move.

Anybody know of a daily pull place that I can get all three scores from? I don't really care what it costs. I really need to apply as soon as I have the score. Time is of the essence for me right now.

Thanks for any help.

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