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A guide to Credit Karma's free credit scores

Apr 30, 2013
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Insurance companies just want to charge high fees to make more money. I filed for bankruptcy but am out now. Been paying everything on time. My daughter has very good credit. She's young and has had about 4 auto claims and several tickets. I have 0 tickets and 1 claim. But according to these scores, she is the better person to insure. My car insurance is higher than hers. Also my home insurance has gone from $500 to $1600 because of my credit. Once you have bad credit it is very hard to recover because you pay so much more. But at the same time my son started driving my husbands truck. No fault ins. was about $45, was told it would go up to $80 for my son. Then when renewal time came it jumped to $260 monthly. I just don't understand this, he has no negative credit, no tickkets and no claims. So to sum it up again INSURANCE COMPANIES WILL CHARGE WHAT THEY WANT. It doesn't matter what your credit or driving history is.