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Travelers Insurance

Jul 09, 2019

Look for actual customer reviews and not paid website reviews!!

My husband got hurt at work and we have been fighting for 2 days to get him into the doctors on Workers Comp. 

Customer service is beyond rude and heartless. Takes them forever to file a claim, even when it says "IRGANT MEDICAL ATTENTION REQUIRED". 

"Handler" actually said "Well it doesn't say you need surgery" When every doctor who has seen his xrays(including the hospital) stated there was no way he wasn't going to need surgery.

They were going to make a man with a badly broken leg and running out of pain meds, wait up to 5 days to see a doctor "Its going to be a few hours for this" day one "its going to be a few hours to find doctors in your area" day two. Horrible people working for a horrible company.