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About Me: I am a mother and began late in life to care for my credit. I was helped by a company in my state and now I work with them. Very happy with my journey. I love cats with a passion. I think sometimes that animals are more noble than people, and perhaps I was a cat in a past life. Meow.

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Jul 14, 2018
Student pricing $10 dollars
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A clean slate credit consultants nonprofit has done it again. Not only are they the most unconventional and upfront company anywhere, but now they have student pricing for $10 to qualified students up to age 25 with a valid current ID.

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Credit repair service

Apr 22, 2018
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Not according to the 4800 negative reviews from consumer websites. Highest adverts, yes.

Credit Repair companies

Jul 17, 2018
A clean slate credit consultants
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Is the best price and service wise but they aren't the best at lying. For expert liers feel free to browse the thread. We do, it's fun reading and helps occasional stomach irregularities.

The best of the best is A Clean Slate Credit Consultants out of Miami

Apr 22, 2018
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Hello, Nomadre. Yep, transparent. Have you visited the webpage? 5 pages of links and laws covering everything from debt consolidation nonprofits to student loan rehabilitation. Every law that governs CRO's and credit repair. Every free resource including multiple statements that not only can people do things for free, themselves but that if they were ripped off they can report those people's to the government oversight agencis. 2 pages of DIY information. Link to the cfpb, ftc, dept of justice, attirney general. Hello?? Did you visit before speaking or are you here for the disinformation trip? My boss has said it always, that people should know their rights and do What they want. We have a business but we advocate transparency. Visit. Take a look. Be educated before you speak. Crazy? Yea, but then so what? We don't lie. And I was a client once and i work for them now. Where is the lie here? Meow meow, have a nice day.

Credit Repair companies

Jul 17, 2018
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No you did not. Thanks for the bs though

Has anyone used Sky Blue Credit Repair?

Apr 22, 2018
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Companies don't have to be. It is not required under the law.

whats the best credit repair company?

Mar 28, 2018
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This one is easy to find: cleanslatecredit. Org

They advocated transparency, hate mendacity and take no prisoners, plus if that wasn't enough, they linknto the CFPB, FTC, Dept of Education, Dept of Justice, and everyone else that matters.

They also offer service if anyone wants it, but they don't do the letters, thats oudated, costly and pathetic. The 80's are over. These guys developed a software and file online. Beat that one dude... you can't it's ok, let's go get drunk at a strip club instead. First lap dance is on me!

Cleanslatecredit. Org, they really aren't your average (bleeping) nonprofit.

why my credit score dropped if i havent apply for a new cc or loan or making a late payment?

Mar 26, 2018
Scores are proprietary
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They aren't fixed in stone. The numbers are used almost exclusively by lenders so when you see scores change in files which are stagnant (not bad, but not active) it is usually done to stimulate activity.

If you ever notice, CK will prompt you to raise your score by taking out a new card. This is what scoring means to lenders and those that work for lenders or with them (CK has services where they profit from referrals) nothing wrong with this.

The idea is to stay current but have movement on a file, pay bills in full on time to watch the scores rise. But don t let your accounts get boring, they issue the score based on the probability that you'll take out loans and have them gain on the interest.

A high score and no revenue to banks is not good for them, though it's good for you. A rigged system? You bet.

To learn more visit cleanslatecredit .org

Has anyone used a credit repair company

Jul 17, 2018
There are a few
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Lexington law is the biggest advertiser, but the one in business longest is sky blue credit out of Boca Raton, FL.

Then you got A Clean Slate Credit Consultants out of Florida as well but this is a nonprofit specialized in serving military and low/fixed income people. They file online whereas the other do the letter disputes (which is fine so long as they don't limit your disputes , otherwise you will pay for months on end)

Now the thing to know is you can do things yourself, all that is required is some education on the matter. That's it. ACSCC (the Florida nonprofit) has the DIY dispute codes and the sample letters, so you don't have to pay anyone for a letter.

They also are the only transparent company out there, with 10 pages of links and laws and other nonprofits. So while many say they are legit they are full of it. View your options. Go with who you want but know your rights, because many say they follow the laws but charge to create files and audits (to look at files) and that is illegal if it exceeds about 40 bucks, which most do anyway.

And remember, knowing is half the battle, so know your rights.


Will a bankruptcy come off automatically?

Mar 30, 2018
It should, but then when is the last...
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Time things worked as they should?

If they don't fall off at the 10 year mark, you can definitely call us the big 3 and have them expedite the matter. They aren't under obligation to do so, but they are under obligation to report only 100% factual data.

Meow to you

credit repair and scores

Apr 09, 2018
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It depends who you go with, but you can do thingz yourself cuz the laws are there for you just like it is for everyone else. Many say that you have to pay a lot cuz this and that. My boss is a fair man, he helpd me and was so happy I work with them all in the grove.
If you paid too mucn and were not helped you can report the ppl cuz you got rights and don't have to be taken advantage of.
Call this number and see if anything can be done for you, ask for Henry or Antonio or Maria or myself, Liz. Meow

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