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Credit Card Approval Insights

Aug 12, 2017

I agree completely equaltemp. For years I worked for a very large department store credit department, specifically working on customers' credit line increase requests. I can't say with absolute certainty why open cards are more positively affecting the FICO score by the credit companies, but I know that my employer viewed it as positive to not have any "closed at consumer request" statuses on anyone's report.  It was indicative of one's option to have more credit available than having more closed account requests - the closed account requests indicated to me that there may have been disputes or other negative factors involved in the consumer's credit account management and the request to close the accounts. 

I would think "why did they close it?", or "were there underlying problems between the consumer and lender?"  I hope this makes sense. In my opinion, leave the account open but cut up the card and monitor your credit regularly if you're worried about the stagnant credit accounts getting in the hands of a fraudulent person or activity. Or, like you said, it would be better to charge small items a few times a year to keep the account open and your FICO score high. Don't open too many cards in the first place, i.e., so many that you feel as though you don't need them in the first place. My .02 cents from my professional experience.