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Collection accounts how long do they stay on your report

Jun 14, 2017

I think it's 12 years but what they try to do is contact you after the time is up. If they can then I do believe it resets and they can still get you.

Will 10% matter on getting a better interest rate on a car loan?

Jun 07, 2017

That should read 10 points not 10%.

Credit is such a scam!

Jun 05, 2017

The creditors must report mid month because it's the 5th and still no change. I'm going to look daily to confirm this at least I'll know for future reference.

I need a car loan

Jun 04, 2017

Well you know everybody's situation is different and I don't come here very often. Sometimes my score shot up without me doing anything and sometimes it dropped the same way. I had a chance at a good deal and tried to jump the gun I guess.

Can I get a loan for a car if my score is 551

Jun 03, 2017
You might

But your going to pay a lot! Best to buy a cheap runner on craigslist or wait and build up your credit.

what kind of rate/loan can i get with a 600 credit score? looking for $23,000 loan

Jun 03, 2017
It's gonna be high

According to CK my score is 643 but when I applied they said it was 635 and my rate was between 16% and 13%. 13% required a $3500 down payment.