Offered by: Capital One

Capital One® Rewards No Hassle(SM) Cash Credit Card

  • 2% cash back on gas and groceries
  • 1% cash back on all other purchases
  • BONUS: Get up to 15% more cash back when you shop online at select merchants through Perk Central
  • No limit on the cash you can earn and cash won't expire
  • Redeem cash rewards any time for any amount, even set up automatic redemption
  • 0% intro APR on purchases until November 2012
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615 Average Credit Score Approved for this Card
557 Lowest Credit Score Approved for this Card
Purchase Intro APR Purchase Regular APR Balance Transfer Intro APR Balance Transfer Regular APR
Until Nov 2012    



17.9% - 22.9%




17.9% - 22.9%


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Offer Details:

Cash Advance Rate

24.9% (V)

Annual Fee


Late Fee

up to $35

Cash Advance Fee

3%, Min: $10

Balance Transfer Fee


Saving Details

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Balance Transfer Cost




Interest Savings on Transferred Balance




Interest Savings on New Purchases




Value of Rewards on New Purchases




Value of Bonus Points




Annual & Application Fees




Total Annual Savings




Total Savings over 3 Years


Credit Card Usage Profile

Transfer a Balance

  • Balance to Transfer: $2,500
  • Monthly Paydown: $600
  • APR: 21.99%

Earn Rewards

  • $1,000 Monthly Spending
  • $45 Gas
  • $75 Groceries
  • $20 Travel
  • $50 Restaurants
  • $50 Entertainment
  • $760 Other

Establish or Build My Credit

Card Details
  • Annual Fee: $39
  • Minimum Deposit: $0

Finance a Large Purchase

  • Initial Purchase Amount: $3,000
  • Monthly Paydown: $60
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Sample Size: 62,028
Data Created: October 01, 2013

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Most Recent Reviews

Happy With Card Helpful to 2 out of 3 people

I don't know my real credit score but credit karma has me at 614. I previously had a credit card when I was 18 with capital one, lost my job and didn't pay so it went to collections in 2009. So I was really surprised I got approved and for a $1000 limit. It could have to do with my monthly income as well but I'm hoping to raise my credit score even more. I really like the 0% apr until dec 2014 too.

rizzio191's response was:    

  Apr 21, 2014

rizzio191(1, 2)

Review by rizzio191

1 Contributions 2 People Helped

instant approval Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

instant approval.

CK 620

500  Initial credit line

Major accross the board default in 2008. Currently have their secured card ($200) with 2% util as well as a car loan (26k, 6.5%) declared income :$120k

remember guys, relationships matter.

funny side cap one is one of my major defaults in 2008

Apr 20, 2014
Approved and got a big increase Helpful to 7 out of 7 people

decided to apply for this card 5 months ago as it was close to Christmas and could use a little extra, got approved for a limit of $300.  Which with my credit i was happy with.  Made 4-6 payments a month as $300 doesn't go far and got an email today from Cap one saying congrats your limit has been increased to $3,300.  Now i can actually use this to its full potential and get as much back on the 1.5% as possible as i like to pay off the balance every month.

diveman05's response was:    

  Apr 17, 2014

diveman05(1, 7)

Review by diveman05

1 Contributions 7 People Helped

Didn't Expect To Get Approved! Helpful to 11 out of 11 people

Bear with me here, this is my first review on CK.

I have been working hard to rebuild my credit - as of October 2012, I was around 515. I had a lot of items in collection from my college years, and instead of paying them all off, I let them get closed. Then I waited for about 7 years for items to drop off. Yep, I haven't had good credit since I was 19-20 years old (I'm 38). 

In September of 2012, I was able to purchase a car on my own with no co-signer (2011 Nissan Versa 1.8S Hatchback), and have never missed a payment. Additionally, I had an old First Premier Mastercard which was bought out by Capital One, and for the past few years, I had never missed a payment. I don't know if this made a difference or not, but my auto loan was through Capital One Auto Finance.

My First Premier (now Capital One Platinum) recently had a CL increase of $1000 - making the total available credit $1320 (that was out of the blue, btw, I didn't ask for it - but I had recently paid it off to under 20% utilization).

So CK recommended this card and said my chances of getting it were "Good" - so one day, while at work, I figured, "why not?" and applied for it.

Instantly approved for $3000. I haven't thought about asking for an increase right off the bat, but plan on using the card as my daily card and paying it off 80% every month to keep the 20% utilization.

I'm excited - and my due diligence about keeping my credit clean has paid off!

ejon154's response was:    

  Apr 14, 2014

ejon154(1, 11)

Review by ejon154

1 Contributions 11 People Helped

How fast is repsonse to Approved Helpful to 1 out of 7 people

Just curious if after applying is it an instant approval, just tired of the denial letters. My credit score is 604 I've had a bankruptcy with my ex husband and I need to rebuild credit in my name due to lack of credit. But every time I apply for credit and your report is ran it brings your CS down a few more points.  Just wondering if this card is the one I'm looking for to help build my CS back up.

princessodet's response was:    

  Apr 12, 2014

princessodet(1, 1)

Review by princessodet

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